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Our goal is to create a family atmosphere that teaches children intercultural sensitivity, respect for themselves, others, nature and the world we are a part of. We respect the individuality of the child and encourage him to be naturally involved in all activities. We are proud of our personal and warm approach to children. All the activities offered aim to arouse children's curiosity and help their natural learning.





Michelle Specht is from NY and a graduate with a specialization in French with a master's degree in curriculum & instruction. She is also certified to teach English as a second language and has more than twenty years of teaching experience. Michelle loves supporting young kids as they grow and gain greater confidence in their ability to communicate. 

Working from Home

Our Team

Czech Language


Michaela Bulíčková graduated from secondary school with a high school diploma in art education and then from vocational school in Prague, majoring in pre-school and extracurricular pedagogy. She spends her free time with her family, walking her dog, rollerblading, practicing yoga and swimming. With children, she likes to engage in creative activities, the development of logical thinking and elements of ethical education. 

English Language


Anara Mladenka is an educator with over 20 years of experience teaching in preschools, elementary and high schools, colleges and universities. She earned a degree in Linguistics at a pedagogical college and university in Kazakhstan before moving to Canada and obtaining a certificate in Child Development. Anare later graduated from a two-year “Teaching Second Language” program from the University of Calgary where she then worked as a language instructor. Her experience teaching newcomers to the country gave her an opportunity to use different teaching methods, such as kinesthetic learning, games and storytelling, to create a productive learning experience for both children and adults. 



A mother of two young boys, Vlaďka Šrucová comes from Brno and now lives in Úmyslovice, A graduate of high school, Vlaďka completed a Teaching Assistant course and has been actively helping children and teachers for almost 10 years.  She loves supporting children as they gain independence and learn new life skills.

Support Staff


Martin Specht is a native of New York. He is responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the school property.  He also prepares food for the children, while helping to teach them good manners at the table. Martin also assists teachers, helps with aids and preparation of school events. 

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