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Welcome to Mozaika

where learning is fun, in two languages

Learning is fun - in two languages!


Our curriculum consists of a Czech and English educational program. Both programs support the natural development of the child's physical, emotional and social abilities.


Mozaika includes a free choice of activities and


guided activities that engage children in music, art, drama, movement and promote skills in mathematics, writing, reading, science and financial literacy.

The Framework Educational Program

The Czech educational program is based on the Framework Educational Program for preschool education. The educational offer accepts the natural development specifics of children of preschool age. Our intention is to develop the child physically, psychologically and socially. Your child's schedule may change based on their needs.


The English education program is based on TESOL

The English education program is based on a thematic curriculum comparable to TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) standards. The program uses a multi-sensory (multi-sensory) teaching system that makes learning fun. The goal is to consolidate English at an active communicative level. The program caters to each child's different learning style and includes a system for evaluating each child's progress.


Our Gallery


We love to see children engaged indoors or outdoors, morning or afternoon, day or night! We offer monthly Friday night sleepovers with themed activities for more added fun! Czech and international holidays are equally celebrated.

"You won't find anywhere else what Mozaika has to offer as a standard of its services: individual approach, a varied and fun children's program, bilingual education and a spa park environment...and kids smoothly transition to elementary school with their mastery of 'basic English' by listening and speaking during the preschool period"

Veronika Miláčková, CZ

We actively participate in projects aimed at improving our kindergarten and teaching activities. Click on the logo for more information.
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Contact us

Studentská 201/24

29001 Poděbrady

Director +420 737 919 843 

Kindergarten +420 773 990 843 

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